Selling Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge Has Never Been Easier

Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, we know all too well how difficult it can be to sell your static caravan or mobile home and how time consuming the process often is.

Wherever your caravan is sited, whether it’s on a holiday park or on your own private grounds, location is no issue and we will help advise you on the disconnection process where required by liaising with your holiday park.

To start the process all you have to do is contact us via telephone or email and provide the relevant information needed in order for us to give you an immediate quote and make a deal to get your unit viewed, payment made and collection arranged.

Why Sell to Us?

Selling a static caravan is often a very long winded process and is less than ideal, in particular, for those coming off a park as there are very limited options.

  • Sell to the Park

For those on-site, in some cases if you are lucky the park might be willing to buy your static caravan from you, but this often comes with an extremely low buy back price.

  • Sell Privately

A lot of caravan owners try this route once they have received the low quote from their park, but this method is difficult due to the crowded market. Owners have to constantly try to arrange viewings, take endless phone calls, answer numerous questions and the result is often no sale, low ball offers and a waste of your time.

  • Sell to Us

Contact Sunrise Holiday Homes today and we will offer you a great price for your static home with no obligation to accept, no hassle and no timewasting.

<h2>Our Buying Process</h2>

If you are interested in selling your static caravan, then here is more information on our stress free 5 step buying process.

  1. Complete our form

Fill in our form below including all the required information on your caravan as well as any extra details you think are relevant and photos of both the interior and exterior dwelling.

  1. Receive Your Quote

We will get back to you as quickly as possible with an honest valuation and offer price for your static caravan.

  1. Inspection

If you are happy with our quote, then we will arrange to inspect the caravan at your convenience in order to examine the exact condition of the unit and confirm the given price.

  1. Fast Payment

We pay you an immediate £1,000 deposit, and the balance upon collection via instant bank transfer.

  1. Collection

Our team take over from here and liaise with the park to organise de-siting and collection which is one less stress for you to deal with!

If you are looking to sell your static caravan, then be sure to fill out our contact form and see what great deal Sunrise Holiday Homes can offer you!

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Sell Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge

Caravan Banger Racing

Caravan Banger Racing
February 22, 2016 admin


We all know how it feels to be stuck behind a touring caravan, well, most people do, personally I think we all need to learn to relax and stop rushing everywhere!

For some people, caravan banger racing is the answer! Quite simply it’s banger racing with a caravan on tow, where a large number of cars line up, race, and smash into each other, great fun!

There are apparently two types of driver, rodders & wreckers, those who will hot-rod round the track and try to come in 1st place, and those who just get a kick out of smashing theirs and other peoples cars, and of course, if you add a caravan to this equation, you can begin to see why its so popular!

Ok, this all seems a bit juvenile, however there is a fair bit of history preceding this nonsense. There are claims it originated in the 19th century, probably started as a bit of fun, then quickly turned into a spectator sport, with each event presenting a range of prizes to not just the quickest, but the rarest, strangest, strongest and more!

But… why?!

Oh come on, given the chance you’d give it a go! It’s the ONLY sport involving caravans, ok it’s an excuse for carnage, but there a skill involved, dodging the wreckers and more! If you are interested in finding out more, check out the ‘Spedeworth’ website to read further and book tickets to watch caravan banger racing around the UK!


Static Caravan banger racing does NOT exist. They are far too big! However, if you have a racetrack and need to some storage/ tea room/ living areas… check out our cheap static caravans!