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You may have tried selling your static caravan online, trying to arrange viewings, dealing with the endless phone calls, questions about transport, park commission and so much more.

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Rainy Days

Rainy Days
February 22, 2016 admin

Top 5 rainy day activities for kids in caravans

We know just how hard it can be when the weather gets the better of your plans to have a nice vacation in your new static caravan. If you don’t want your kids being consumed by today’s technology, with social media and electronic games at the forefront then fear not! We have 5 fun things to do for you and the little ones from the comfort of your cosy spacious caravan, even with the wind and rain pattering on your window.

Write a story


Can you remember being young and having an imagination that passed away the day? Perhaps not, but its common knowledge that kids have a fantastic imagination, so use this to keep them busy. You only need to have a pen/pencil and some paper to hand. It’s something you can enjoy together as a family, who knows, you may have the next J. K. Rowling or Charles Dickens in the family!



Head down to the beach!


Okay, so this one isn’t actually in the caravan, but while you’re there, why not brave the elements? Even if I’s for half an hour, regardless of the rain. It’s a well-known fact that sandcastles are constructed into a larger and more fruitful outcome when the sand’s wet.  Get the bucket and spade on down there, and get building! The kids can build sand sculptures galore. They’ll soon forget the rain, even if you don’t!



Make some biscuits or cookie


With today’s popularity of TV programmes such as the Great British Bake off and with the majority of caravans having some description of oven to hand, why not get the kids baking? There’s no call for a huge shopping list when you’re making biscuits or cookies as ingredients are minimal. There are more benefits to this activity than you think, because if it happens to be cold outside as well as wet, having the oven on will soon warm your caravan up, and you’ll have some yummy treats to eat once they’re cooked too!



Play charades (or something similar)


This really is such a simple game once you know the rules of playing, and it’s so much fun that everyone can be part of. Not only do games like charades take away the boredom of being inside, it also has an educational aspect as it teaches English language skills such as syllables. Other games can include I-spy if charades reaches becomes a bit long.



Make/Change a board game


As we mentioned earlier, children have magnificent imaginations. This is an activity that can be done individually or in a group and has the potential to be developed over a few days. You might not have all the things you need to make the game itself, but the planning stages and especially creating rules can be fun for the kids as it will give them a chance to be in charge rather than being told what to do. If you do have a board game to hand, why not alter the rules to make a game more interesting for everyone playing?