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Top 5 strange and spectacular caravans

Top 5 strange and spectacular caravans
February 7, 2016 admin

Everybody likes a bit of weird and wonderful, right? Well here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, we have been digging around to see what weird and wonderful caravans you can see on the World Wide Web and just what people are doing with them. Just take a look at these beauties- Whether it be a cheap used caravan for sale that takes your fancy or what some would consider a palace when you see just how remarkable they are, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. From classic to modern luxury and from cute to downright splendour, here is a top 5 of the most strange and spectacular caravans.

Strange Five Caravans

1 Taking the kitchen sink with you: This caravan, well, it’s just crazy. But with the crazy lies some genius. The camper bike is designed by artist Kevin Cyr, and back in 2008 he tested the camper on the outskirts of Beijing (when we say ‘he’ we mean he got his mate to do it). His friend Wayne Wang gave it a go. Plenty of room to store the shopping, but not sure about a comfy vacation with luxury amenities…?




Strange Five Caravans 2 How? Who? Why? : Our first question is how on earth did they get this caravan up there? Second is, why?! This is a truly extravagant choice of living arrangement. Would you get up there? We know we wouldn’t be too keen!









3 Pièce de résistance: Not everyone is able to find themselves inside some of the more glamorous caravans available, so let’s face it, they’re not always going to have lots of room. Why do more people take a leaf out of like landscape designer and sculptor Daniel Lobb’s book, who not only added an extra storey to his caravan installation but based its design on a stately home? The Grange, which is what Mr Lobb named his masterpiece, has wood panelling, a table with a grand piano leg and a cooker cupboard with carved claw and ball feet – to see it in all its double storey glory, visit Sutton House in Hackney, where it’ll be part of a breakers’ yard garden designed by Daniel for the National Trust property.


4 What a QT! This caravan which was designed during 2011’s Royal Wedding for elderly folks to claim the best spot on the procession route without having to sleep on the pavement (and, less thrillingly, to highlight the lack of breakdown insurance among mobility scooter owners), the QTvan is named after three rather British traits – queuing, tea and caravans. Designed to be pulled by a mobility scooter, which will make those of you who already complain about being mown down by the things in the local supermarket even happier! It comes with a 19” telly, a drinks cabinet and tea-making facilities, as you’d expect. If you find that you’ve run out of teabags, you can tow it inside the supermarket to pick up supplies. All this, at a tidy price of £5,500. What do you reckon?



5 Something extra…: Standard caravans can sometimes be a bit small for our tastes. But massive vans like the Earth one below might be a bit difficult to steer down those weaving, narrow Cornish roads. The answer? The Romotow, a caravan inspired by a Swiss army knife, which swivels out (the caravan, not the knife) to produce 70 per cent more road space. New Zealand designers W2, also say that you can ‘use it as a home and horse float and travel with your horse to an overnight equestrian event.’ What next?!