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I Want to Sell My Static Caravan

Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, we know all too well how difficult it can be to sell your static caravan or mobile home and how time consuming the process can be trying to find a trusted buyer and dealing with low ball offers, hagglers, time wasters and opportunists looking to take advantage.At Sunrise Holiday Homes we want to make the process as simple as possible for you and will work quickly to complete a valuation and come up with our best offer so that we can reach an agreement take it off your hands.

Where Can I Sell My Caravan?

Selling a static caravan is often a very long-winded process and can be less than ideal, especially for those coming off a park as there are extremely limited options.

  • Sell to the Park

For those on-site, in some cases if you are lucky then the park might be willing to buy your static caravan back from you. However, this is usually only offered with a very low buy back price so that sellers are left substantially out of pocket after feeling like they had no other options.

  • Sell Privately

This is a route often taken by most caravan owners after they receive low quotes from their park and other buy back services. However, it is a crowded market which makes this method difficult to do successfully with owners having to handle enquiries, constantly arrange and be available for viewings, answer numerous questions and the end result is often no sale, ridiculous low ball offers and a big waste of your time.

If you are on a park and selling privately there can also be hidden expenses from the park taking their cut or commission that will be hidden as an ‘admin fee’.

  • Sell to Us

Sunrise Holiday Homes are eager to help and will offer a fast, fair and reasonable price for your static home with no obligation to accept, no hassle and no timewasting.

Selling to Sunrise Holiday Homes

At Sunrise Holiday Homes we are always in the market to purchase static caravans, twin units, lodges and residential mobile homes and will consider all units, no matter their size, age, make or model.

·        Why Choose Us?

With unrivalled experience and knowledge in mobile homes and the leisure industry, Sunrise Holiday Homes offers an easy, hassle free buying service that provides:

  • No upfront fees or costs
  • No selling fees or deductions
  • A fair and competitive price
  • No commitment, no cancellation fees and a strict no sale, no fee policy
  • Free collection

If you are having problems with or are struggling to sell your static caravan, then we are here to help! Forget spending money on private advertising, dealing with time wasters, hagglers and people messing you around, we endeavour to value, offer, agree and collect your unit within a matter of days where possible for a fast, fair and stress free sale.

  • Our Buying Process

To start the process all you have to do is contact us via telephone, email or the and provide the relevant information needed in order for us to give you an immediate quote and make a deal to get your unit viewed, payment made and collection arranged.

If you are interested in selling your static caravan, then simply follow our easy 5 step buying process.

  1. Get in Touch

Call, email or fill in the form below with the required information on your caravan as well as any extra details you think are relevant and photos of both the interior and exterior dwelling. Do not forget to include relevant contact details at we may need to get in touch to ask for more details.

  1. Receive Your Quote

We always aim to get back to you as quickly as possible with an honest valuation and offer price for your static caravan.

  1. Inspection

If you are happy with our initial offer, then we will arrange a date and time to inspect the caravan at your convenience in order to examine the exact condition of the unit and confirm the offer price.

  1. Fast Payment

We will pay you an immediate £1,000 deposit, and the balance will be paid upon collection via instant bank transfer.

  1. Collection

Wherever your caravan is sited, on a holiday park or on your own private grounds, location is no issue and our team will liaise with the park to organise de-siting and collection which is one less stress for you to deal with!

If you are looking to sell your static caravan, then be sure to fill out our contact form below and see what Sunrise Holiday Homes can offer you!

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    Sell Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge

    Export Static Caravans and Mobile Homes

    Export Static Caravans and Mobile Homes
    February 23, 2016 admin

    Whether you are a European trade customer in search of high quality mobile homes or a private customer wanting a holiday home to site abroad – Sunrise Holiday Homes can help. With years of experience exporting static caravans to a number of countries in Europe including France, Holland, Belgium, Spain and many more – we deliver caravans right to your door. 

    Export Static Caravans to Europe

    exportShipWe have a good working relationship with our local docks who take care of shipping our Static Caravans abroad, we also use international drivers who can take our caravans almost anywhere! Whether you’re doing a self build abroad, using a caravan as a Holiday Home somewhere sunnier than good ol’ England, or you are a trade customer selling to the public in your own country, Sunrise Holiday Homes can help! We offer some of the cleanest export stock and our caravans are ready to be used or sold on your showground!


    For any information regarding shipping costs etc, please don’t hesitate to click the ‘Ask a Question’ button at the top of the page adding your delivery address and we will get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible!

    Export and Trade

    Sunrise Holiday Homes are regular exporters and so receive great value shipping and transportation rates from our trustworthy suppliers. These savings we pass onto our customers – taking the stress and hassle out of caravan shipping and delivering cost effective solutions for your export needs. 

    We provide safe, reliable and affordable static caravan and mobile home export services for both trade and private customers all throughout Europe. 

    Who uses our export services? 

    • People doing a self-build project who are in need of accommodation 
    • Customers looking for a new static caravan for their holiday park 
    • Those who are renovating a property and need a temporary place to live 
    • Traders looking to purchase and sell in their own country 

    Everything we sell is fully insured during the transportation and shipping to its destination, so you know that your purchase is covered.  

    Our mobile homes are high quality and well cared for meaning that we offer some of the cleanest export stock around with static caravans that are ready to be used by private customers or sold on trade showgrounds! 

    Our Static Caravan Export Services

    With in-depth knowledge of the export and shipping processes and years of experience, our team can arrange to have your static caravan shipped to you from any UK Port – no stress, no complications, no worries. 

    We know that different shipping companies and ports maintain their own unique requirements for caravan shipping and we work to ensure that your mobile home meets the relevant safety criteria and is safe for transport. This can include things such as repairs or modifications to draw bars, wheels and legs which we undertake for you with no problem at all. 

    If you would like more information regarding our export and shipping services, costs and deliverables then please don’t hesitate to click the ‘Ask a Question’ button at the top of the page or contact us and we will get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible!