Selling Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge Has Never Been Easier

Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, we know all too well how difficult it can be to sell your static caravan or mobile home and how time consuming the process often is.

Wherever your caravan is sited, whether it’s on a holiday park or on your own private grounds, location is no issue and we will help advise you on the disconnection process where required by liaising with your holiday park.

To start the process all you have to do is contact us via telephone or email and provide the relevant information needed in order for us to give you an immediate quote and make a deal to get your unit viewed, payment made and collection arranged.

Why Sell to Us?

Selling a static caravan is often a very long winded process and is less than ideal, in particular, for those coming off a park as there are very limited options.

  • Sell to the Park

For those on-site, in some cases if you are lucky the park might be willing to buy your static caravan from you, but this often comes with an extremely low buy back price.

  • Sell Privately

A lot of caravan owners try this route once they have received the low quote from their park, but this method is difficult due to the crowded market. Owners have to constantly try to arrange viewings, take endless phone calls, answer numerous questions and the result is often no sale, low ball offers and a waste of your time.

  • Sell to Us

Contact Sunrise Holiday Homes today and we will offer you a great price for your static home with no obligation to accept, no hassle and no timewasting.

<h2>Our Buying Process</h2>

If you are interested in selling your static caravan, then here is more information on our stress free 5 step buying process.

  1. Complete our form

Fill in our form below including all the required information on your caravan as well as any extra details you think are relevant and photos of both the interior and exterior dwelling.

  1. Receive Your Quote

We will get back to you as quickly as possible with an honest valuation and offer price for your static caravan.

  1. Inspection

If you are happy with our quote, then we will arrange to inspect the caravan at your convenience in order to examine the exact condition of the unit and confirm the given price.

  1. Fast Payment

We pay you an immediate £1,000 deposit, and the balance upon collection via instant bank transfer.

  1. Collection

Our team take over from here and liaise with the park to organise de-siting and collection which is one less stress for you to deal with!

If you are looking to sell your static caravan, then be sure to fill out our contact form and see what great deal Sunrise Holiday Homes can offer you!

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Sell Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge

How to Winterise Your Caravan

How to Winterise Your Caravan
February 22, 2016 admin

Winterise Static Caravans and drain down


Leaving your caravan over winter can be a daunting time, but fear not! Sunrise Holiday Homes are here with some sound advice so you can tuck in your holiday home for the winter without worrying what you’ll find when you get back next year!




The best and most important things to do are simple: –


1.     Damp in the air is unavoidable, lay out bowls/ saucers full of cooking salt in every room to absorb the moisture.

2.     DRAIN DOWN YOUR CARAVAN! The park will want to charge you for this service, but if you don’t drain down your caravan expect burst pipes, taps, shower fittings and probably a new boiler! If you want to do this yourself, read on to our advice below!

3.     If possible, remove cushions and curtains and either store at home or stand them up in the living area and cover with a large dust sheet to keep them dry and free of mould

4.     Leave all caravan doors/ cupboards open to let air circulate

5.     Clean & empty your refrigerator and leave it open a few inches

6.     De-grease the hob and oven – the jets can get clogged easily!

7.     Remove ALL food, you don’t want to open the door to a family of mice!


“Here, Sunrise, I’m a bit of a handy geezer, how do I drain down my caravan myself?”


1.     Turn off mains water, disconnect it at the join and remove the handle just in case someone decides to turn it back on!

2.     Open all the drain down taps under the caravan and let the water drain out, then close them off again

3.     Open (and leave open) all the taps in the caravan, sinks, shower etc, if possible take off shower mixer parts too just in case

4.     Flush toilets and make sure the cistern is empty, use a small amount of de-icer in the toilet bowl, cistern and all sink/ plug holes.


For Gas Central Heating caravans with combi boilers: –


If you’ve got a central heating boiler it is important its left operational as normal during the winter (most systems have anti-freeze but it may be worth checking with your parks gas engineer) this keeps the caravan aired and dry and ensures the boiler does not seize during a long winter. Leave radiators on a timer switch so they go on for 15 minutes once an hour and leave the radiators on the FROST setting. This ensures safety even if there is a power failure it’ll reboot and do its job, whilst also using up lots of gas!

Another good overall tip is to remove batteries from clocks, smoke alarms etc as they may corrode in winter. Also gas cylinders should be removed and stored in a cool, well ventilated place, but preferably not in the caravan.

If there’s anything you are unsure about or you have any other caravan related questions, we’re here to help, not just to take your money!


Bored of your caravan? We’re doing New Year upgrades at ridiculous prices! Check out our used static caravans!