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I Want to Sell My Static Caravan

Here at Sunrise Holiday Homes, we know all too well how difficult it can be to sell your static caravan or mobile home and how time consuming the process can be trying to find a trusted buyer and dealing with low ball offers, hagglers, time wasters and opportunists looking to take advantage.At Sunrise Holiday Homes we want to make the process as simple as possible for you and will work quickly to complete a valuation and come up with our best offer so that we can reach an agreement take it off your hands.

Where Can I Sell My Caravan?

Selling a static caravan is often a very long-winded process and can be less than ideal, especially for those coming off a park as there are extremely limited options.

  • Sell to the Park

For those on-site, in some cases if you are lucky then the park might be willing to buy your static caravan back from you. However, this is usually only offered with a very low buy back price so that sellers are left substantially out of pocket after feeling like they had no other options.

  • Sell Privately

This is a route often taken by most caravan owners after they receive low quotes from their park and other buy back services. However, it is a crowded market which makes this method difficult to do successfully with owners having to handle enquiries, constantly arrange and be available for viewings, answer numerous questions and the end result is often no sale, ridiculous low ball offers and a big waste of your time.

If you are on a park and selling privately there can also be hidden expenses from the park taking their cut or commission that will be hidden as an ‘admin fee’.

  • Sell to Us

Sunrise Holiday Homes are eager to help and will offer a fast, fair and reasonable price for your static home with no obligation to accept, no hassle and no timewasting.

Selling to Sunrise Holiday Homes

At Sunrise Holiday Homes we are always in the market to purchase static caravans, twin units, lodges and residential mobile homes and will consider all units, no matter their size, age, make or model.

·        Why Choose Us?

With unrivalled experience and knowledge in mobile homes and the leisure industry, Sunrise Holiday Homes offers an easy, hassle free buying service that provides:

  • No upfront fees or costs
  • No selling fees or deductions
  • A fair and competitive price
  • No commitment, no cancellation fees and a strict no sale, no fee policy
  • Free collection

If you are having problems with or are struggling to sell your static caravan, then we are here to help! Forget spending money on private advertising, dealing with time wasters, hagglers and people messing you around, we endeavour to value, offer, agree and collect your unit within a matter of days where possible for a fast, fair and stress free sale.

  • Our Buying Process

To start the process all you have to do is contact us via telephone, email or the and provide the relevant information needed in order for us to give you an immediate quote and make a deal to get your unit viewed, payment made and collection arranged.

If you are interested in selling your static caravan, then simply follow our easy 5 step buying process.

  1. Get in Touch

Call, email or fill in the form below with the required information on your caravan as well as any extra details you think are relevant and photos of both the interior and exterior dwelling. Do not forget to include relevant contact details at we may need to get in touch to ask for more details.

  1. Receive Your Quote

We always aim to get back to you as quickly as possible with an honest valuation and offer price for your static caravan.

  1. Inspection

If you are happy with our initial offer, then we will arrange a date and time to inspect the caravan at your convenience in order to examine the exact condition of the unit and confirm the offer price.

  1. Fast Payment

We will pay you an immediate £1,000 deposit, and the balance will be paid upon collection via instant bank transfer.

  1. Collection

Wherever your caravan is sited, on a holiday park or on your own private grounds, location is no issue and our team will liaise with the park to organise de-siting and collection which is one less stress for you to deal with!

If you are looking to sell your static caravan, then be sure to fill out our contact form below and see what Sunrise Holiday Homes can offer you!

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    Sell Your Static Caravan, Mobile Home or Lodge

    A Guide to Siting your Caravan

    A Guide to Siting your Caravan
    June 9, 2017 admin

    Welcome to our ‘siting guide’ page. The video below shows how to site your Static Caravan or Sunrise Lodge. The chassis in the video is different to some of ours, but the basis details on how to level it are the same.

    We also have detailed specs on the concrete base you’ll need, along with much more useful info in our ‘starters guide’

    This video is by the chassis manufacturers themselves, so it’s certainly in depth, you may not need as much as they use depending on where in the country you are, and what elements your home may be exposed to. But if in doubt, feel free to give us a call or send an email.

    When you buy a static caravan, mobile home or Sunrise Lodge from Sunrise Holiday Homes we always include free delivery. However, this is a standard ‘drop off’ service, we will not have any other vehicle to manoeuvre or site your caravan for you. If you wish, our team at Newfhouse Caravan Transport can undertake the whole job for you, sending our highly experienced team with their 4×4’s, skids, blocks and all sorts to professionally and safely site your mobile home for you. Usually this service costs a minimum of £700 but does depend on your site and what might be involved.



    Laying a correct hardstanding base

    The specification for pitches in good load-bearing subsoil are as follows (Guidelines of Good Practice for Transportation, Siting, and Commissioning v6.7):

    1. Sub-base All topsoil should be removed to an appropriate depth before the raft/strips are constructed. The sub-base should then be compacted until it is firm. If during excavation, soft, wet or unstable areas are detected, these materials should be excavated and replaced with well-compacted, granular fill. It is highly recommended that in this scenario a qualified structural/civil engineer is engaged.
    2. Concrete Raft The base raft is at least 200mm wider than wheelbase and jacking points of the home. A well consolidated hard-core sub-base with a minimum depth of 150mm should be laid first and topped with 100mm of concrete mix with steel reinforcement. Ideally the perimeter of the base should be deeper/thickener to accommodate brick, block or stone skirting and the fitting of decking or porches around the home. The concrete mix for the raft should meet the requirements of BS EN 206-1. The finished raft should be flat, level in all directions and flush with the ground. One or two shallow gullies could be formed in the surface to allow water to run off.
    3. Concrete Strips If concrete strips are used instead of a raft, they should be a minimum of 1m wide and should be spaced so that the longitudinal chassis members can be positioned above the centre of the strips (approximately 1.8m centres). A well consolidated hard-core sub-base with a minimum depth of 150mm should be laid first and topped with 150mm of concrete mix with steel reinforcement. The concrete mix for the strips should meet the requirements of BS EN 206-1. Rough-sawn timber may be used for longitudinal forms. This should be placed on edge, with sideways movement prevented by metal or wooden stakes driven into the ground at 1m spacing. Where strips are constructed on slopes steeper than 1 in 30 (33mm in 1m), they must incorporate anchors to prevent them from creeping downhill. It is highly recommended that in this scenario a qualified structural/civil engineer is engaged. The finished raft/strips should be generally flat and level with provision for surface drainage.
    4. Curing Concrete should be allowed to cure fully in order to achieve the desired strength. The curing process can be enhanced by keeping the fresh concrete damp for an adequate period after pouring. Concrete work in frosty conditions should be avoided unless antifreeze additives are used.

    As soon as surface texturing is complete, the concrete should be covered with plastic sheeting held in place with a thin layer of sand or soil and stones along the edges. Allow sufficient time for the base to cure before siting the home. Damp-curing should be continued for at least 10 days in warm weather and 14 days in cold weather.